Total transparency

After years of in-depth research, we’ve developed an accurate and accessible digital clocking system that works for you, your employees and your clients. From budget control to project delivery, TimeMe gives your business internal clarity and external utility.

Time Tracking

Time tracking anywhere, anytime

Our dynamic, responsive software allows you to correctly document employee hours. Staff ‘check in’ through the TimeMe App, while you review progress on our online portal. Managers can access a frequently updated logging system.

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Full Compliance

We want the best for business owners and staff members. All our software is fully GDPR- compliant. Confidentiality controls mean your data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

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Location Services

Location services in real-time

GPS data lets you easily track time assigned to different working locations. Employees select a clock-in destination and we do the rest. We’ll let you know if they’re not where you want them.

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Instant Reporting

Payroll and Timesheet reporting has never been simpler. Easily import and export data in CSV and PDF format via our easy-to-use dashboard. We help you filter reports by employee, property or project.

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Friendly Support

Contact Support

Our helpful TimeMe agents are always willing to lend a hand. You’ll get a bespoke support service as part of your package.

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We only record location when an employee is on the clock. From the moment a staff member checks in to the moment they check out, our system records the location where the work is being done. GPS services are automatically terminated after check-out. There’s no further tracking.

TimeMe’s project registration feature automatically checks out an employee if they’re not within a certain radius of the working location. You can pre-register the address and the acceptable radius before each project.

Yes. But you must gain consent from your staff before initiating our GPS location services. It’s also a legal requirement to inform staff where the information is stored and how it is used. Don’t worry about that, though. Our safe and secure system means data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

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